The Regional Center for Research in Cancerology and Immunology Nantes / Angers

Director : Marc GREGOIRE – Co-Directeur : Philippe JUIN

img_1230730060177Le Regional Center for Research in Cancerology  and Immunology Nantes/Angers (CRCINA, UMR 1232 INSERM- CNRS ERL 6001) brings together 400 people in 17 research teams, who develop multidisciplinary programs combining basic and clinical research in oncology. The teams are located in  3 sites : 12 in Nantes, 1 in St Herblain (ICO Gauducheau site), and 4 in Angers  (ICO Paul-Papin sites and Angers Faculty of Medicine).


The programs implemented fall into three departments :

I. « Immunology and Immunotherapy » regroups 8 teams whose study antitumor and antiviral human cellular immunity, and from a more applied angle, the implementation of  protocols of passive or active immunotherapy for which immunological monitoring is provided by CRCINA teams.

II. « Oncogenesis and Targeted Therapies » consists of 5 teams who study the mechanisms of tumor progression and chemo and tumor resistance, in order to identify new markers of toxicity and response to radio and chemotherapeutic treatments and to develop new therapeutic approaches that specifically target cell death pathways.

III. « Immunospecific targeting of radionucleides and radiobiology” comprises 4 teams who working on the immuno-linkage of radionucleides for in vivo tumor imaging and anti-tumor therapy, and on the effects of ionizing radiation on healthy and tumoral tissues.

The work carried out by CRCINA teams results in an average of about one hundred publications per year in international peer-reviewed journals, numerous patents, the creation of several biotechnology companies and the implementation of several Phase I and II clinical trials originating directly from the work carried out in each of the departments.

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