P2R facility dedicates its specialist knowledge to carry out your protein production project in the field of health science. On a routine basis, we produce classic human, rat and murine class I MHC/peptide or the less classic HLA-E and Mic A to detect or sort antigen specific lymphocytes T CD8+ cells. The facility also provides tools for recombinant protein production in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and can perform proteins and antibodies analyses and purification on request. All the P2R technologies and equipment are available at any stage of your project either to use them by yourself after training and web booking, or to perform the whole R&D production/purification project on site.
The P2R facility also offers batches of UV-sensitive MHC/peptide complexes allowing applicants to perform medium-throughput peptide screenings to detect novel epitopes or highligth T-populations in anti-tumour and anti-viral responses , or autoimmune transplantation. The complexes formed can be used in the same manner as the batches of conventionally produced MHC / peptide complexes.


Quality Control :
All the MHC / peptide complexes produced are purified by ion exchange chromatography and exclusion chromatography. The batches of biotinylated complexes are validated by exclusion chromatography and tested for their biotinylation.
All the proteins produced and purified are validated by exclusion chromatography, acrylamide gel and can be tested for their bacterial endotoxin contents according to the specifications drawn up with the applicant.
A quality approach is being implemented in terms of traceability and reproducibility to ensure the best possible results for applicants




Plateform P2R

  • Karine Bernardeau
  • Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Nantes-Angers
  • Institut de Recherche en Santé de l'Université de Nantes - 8 quai Moncousu - BP 70721 - 44007 Nantes cedex 1
  • +33 2 28 08 03 78

Responsable scientifique
Frédéric Pécorari

Responsable technique
Karine Bernardeau

Personnel Plateforme
Klara Echasserieau

Equipment and systems

Production systems:
– Prokaryotic system: Escherichia coli (BL21-DE3 and its derivatives)
– Eukaryotic systems: CHO-K1, CHO-S, ExpiCHOTM (Gibco), insect cells S2, SF9

Production equipment:
– Bacterial Incubator
– Eucaryotic incubators for mammalian or insect cells: 2 static and 2 in agitation
– Single-purpose bioreactor Eppendorf Celligen BluTM adaptable for 5L or 14L tanks
– SartoFlow study (Sartorius) tangential filtration system with a 10L tank
– Acellular production system RTS (Roche)




Purification equipment by chromatography
– 3 HPLC (1 GE Healthcare and 2 NGC BioRad) with single or multi-wavelength absorbance detector, conductimeter, in-line pH probe, scouting method
– 2 FPLC including a fully refrigerated system dedicated to the purification of proteins / antibodies from large volumes
– 1 Streamline purification system
Chromatography equipment is qualified according to the projects








The platform trains students or staff in protein production techniques in prokaryotic or eukaryotic systems as well as in liquid chromatography techniques and the use of platform equipment.


The P2R platform is accessible to academic research teams and private companies in the framework of scientific services or collaborations according in agreement with the applicant. Real-time monitoring of the progress of the service is carried out during regular exchanges with the applicant. The delivery of samples by a carrier is charged to the applicant.

Contact us for any request for feasibility of project and estimate.

Keywords :
production / purification / recombinant proteins / chromatography / peptides / advice / antibodies / bioreactor / training / HPLC / MHC/peptide

Fields of application
– Health
– Immunotherapy, Biotherapies
– Biotechnology-Protein Engineering
– Basic and applied research