The IMPACT platform is dedicated to functional proteomics, with major foci on protein expression profiling and biological activity-based molecular screeining.

Its specificities and services address two major biotechnological areas of interest for academic and industrial laboratories:

The IMPACT platform offers its expertise in functional proteomics through a broad range of technological tools:

  • PROFILING of protein expression, phosphorylation, signaling and interaction with dedicated protein chips (PROTEIN MICROARRAY, SPR imaging) and multi-parametric technologies (ALPHA SCREEN).
  • CHARACTERIZATION of molecular interactions by analytical technologies (SPR, MICROCALORIMETRY).
  • SCREENING of protein or chemical modulators using high throughput technologies and validated libraries (HTRF, BRET, ALPHA SCREEN).
  • DATA ANALYSIS and metadata analysis from high-throughput technologies through BIOINFORMATICS TOOLS.


IMPACT technology core labs and offices :  CRCINA (UMR INSERM 1232) in l’INSTITUT de RECHERCHE en SANTE from University of NANTES and UFIP (UMR CNRS 6286) on Faculty of sciences.

Phone number : +33 (0) 2 51 12 56 24