NOhMAD is a multidisciplinary department that brings together 4 teams developing fundamental and translational research in the fields of nuclear oncology and B cell malignancies. The research programs focus on the development of new radiopharmaceuticals and new methodologies for cancer therapy as well as the identification of targets involved in the tumor resistance of mature B cell malignancies. (Siric Iliad project).

The research projects are divided in two main axes:

·       Teams involved in the field of nuclear oncology and radio/nano vectors
o   Nuclear oncology (Team 13)
o   Design of particular systems for local treatment in cancer, mostly glioblastoma (Team 17)

·       Teams involved in the field of onco-hematology
o   Regulation of Bcl2 and p53 networks in multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma (Team 10)
o   Transcriptional network regulation in multiple myeloma pathogenesis and progression (Team 11)