The classical therapeutic scheme for neural cancers, such as Glioblastoma and Neuroblastoma, involved surgery followed with a combination of radio- and chemotherapies. However tumor location and acquired treatment resistance limit the efficacy of these treatments. Novel non-genotoxic therapeutic approaches in combination with actual treatments are currently being explored to improve their efficacy.

On this basis, the PETRI team explores 2 key parameters involved in tumor aggressiveness and relapse, tumoral metabolic adaptation and tumoral microenvironment cooption.
Our research program is organized around four main axis :
1)Impact of microvascular dysfunctions in tumor response to radiotherapy and relapse
2) Reciprocal impact of metabolic adaptation, microenvironment, and radiotherapy in the tumor ecosystem
3) Development of innovative immunotherapeutic strategies through antibody and T-cell engineering
4) Improvement of radiotherapy efficacy through innovative immunotherapeutic approaches



C. Pecqueur, DR CNRS, HDR
S. Birklé, PU, HDR
C. Gratas, MCU-PH, HDR
S. Fougeray, MCU
D. Leonetti, Ingénieure ICO
S. Goude, INSERM Staff Engineer
L. Durand,INSERM Staff Engineer
N. Galopin, CDD Engineer
M. Bahri, PhD student
H. Estephan, PhD student
O. Renoult, PhD student
P. Thomas, PhD student
G. Alzial, Master 2 student
J. Vignau, Master 2 student
G. Campard, Master 2 student

Chercheurs Associés
E. Rio, PH-ICO
A. Lisbona, PH-ICO
E. Thebaud, PH-CHU

Chefs de projets

Dr. François Paris, Ph.D., HDR, DR2 Inserm
Projet : Paracrine response of endothelial cells after radiotherapy

Dr. Claire Pecqueur, PhD,HDR, DR2 CNRS
Projet : Metabolic targeting in tumors

Dr. Stéphane Birklé, D.V.M./Ph.D., HDR, Professeur des universités, Faculté de Pharmacie
Projet : anti-OGD2Ac immunotherapy in Neuroblastoma

Dr. Sophie Fougeray, Pharm.D./Ph.D., Maître de conférences des universités, Faculté de Pharmacie
Projet : Optimization of anti-OGD2Ac immunotherapy with radiotherapy in Glioblastoma

Principales publications

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Fleurence J, Cochonneau D, Fougeray S, Oliver L, Geraldo F, Terme M, Dorvillius M, Loussouarn D, Vallette F, Paris F, Birklé S. Targeting and killing glioblastoma with monoclonal antibody to O-acetyl GD2 ganglioside. Oncotarget. (2016) INSERM-01319327

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