Axis (1) : Tumor microenvironement and immune regulation
Coordinated by N. Gervois

This axis aims at analyzing immune cell subpopulations infiltrating solid tumors, in terms of phenotype, specificity and regulation. In this area, a peculiar sub-population of double positive CD4+CD8+ T lymphocytes has been identified by our group, initially in breast cancer, and after in colorectal carcinoma and melanoma. Their helper function in anti-tumor response, through the expression of CD40L by these cells, has just been documented (Parrot et al., 2016). Furthermore, and particularly in colorectal carcinoma, we focus on the role of the non classical HLA-E molecule, both as ligand for CD94/NKG2A (Bossard et al., 2012) and for αβ TCR (Allard et al., 2012). In this cancer, the immunomodulator role of tumor cell inflammasome on infiltrating T cells is also in progress.