Axis (2) Regulation of tumor antigen expression
Coordinated by F. Lang

This axis aims at characterizing molecular mechanisms leading to the expression of relevant tumor antigens to be used for immunotherapy treatments. Particularly, we are concerned by the expression of antigens encoded by a polycistronic mRNA, called meloe (identified by our group in 2008), expressed in the melanocytic lineage and notably encoding an antigen (MELOE-1), involved in melanoma immunosurveillance. We showed that the expression of MELOE-1 depended on an IRES sequence, only activated in melanomas (Carbonnelle et al., 2013). This confers to this antigen a strict tumor expression profile, like antigens of the “cancer germline” family, whose specific tumor expression is regulated at the transcriptional level.

Moreover, we recently demonstrated that only the antigens from this mRNA controlled by IRES sequences were immunogenic (Charpentier et al., 2016), which opens up new prospects for the identification of relevant therapeutic targets for anti-tumor immunotherapy.