Research Themes

Our research programs focus on conventional and non-conventional anti-tumor T cell responses, and their regulation within tumor microenvironement. The characterization of relevant antigens to target, and of mechanisms leading to their specific expression by tumor cells is also a main topic of our group.
The final objective of our programs is to develop immunotherapy protocols in solid tumors (mainly in melanoma and colorectal cancer), in the fields of therapeutic vaccination and of adoptive T cell transfer, an area in which our group has a solid expertise. Several projects from our group are conducted in the context of the LabEx IGO program, co-lead by N. Labarriere (Immunograft Oncology –

The group activities are organized around several axes closely related and supervised by senior researchers:

Axis (1) coordinated by N. Gervois
Tumor microenvironnement and immune regulation

Axis (2) coordinated by F. Lang
Regulation of tumor antigen expression

Axis (3) coordinated by N. Labarrière et F. Lang
Anti-tumor Immunotherapy


N. Labarrière, DR INSERM (Axes 3 and 2, Immunotherapy)
F. Lang, PU (Axes 2 and 3 : Tumor antigen expression and immunotherapy)
N. Gervois, PU  (Axis 1 : Non conventional T cell populations and non classical HLA)
C. Bossard, PU-PH (Axis 1 : colorectal cancer and immunohistochemistry)
C. Rabu, MCU (Axis 2 : Long peptide vaccination in melanoma)
D. Fradin , CR INSERM (Axis 1 : Exosomes and regulation of immune responses)
A. Jarry , CR Inserm (Axis 1, Inflamasome in colorectal tumors)
H. Benlalam, MCU (Axis 1 : Microenvironnement in solid tumors)

Equipe 3


  • Nathalie Labarrière
  • Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie et Immunologie Nantes-Angers
  • Institut de Recherche en Santé de l'Université de Nantes - 8 quai Moncousu - BP 70721 - 44007 Nantes cedex 1
  • +33 2 28 08 02 41

PhD students

K. Ducoin
L. Marotte
E. Dupré
L. Bilonda Mutala


V. Vignard
A. Fortun
R. Oger
C Deleine

Main publications

C Bou-Hanna ,A Jarry , JF Mosnier , C Bossard , CL Laboisse. The double stranded RNA analog poly-IC elicits both robust IFN-λ production and oncolytic activity in human gastrointestinal cancer cells. Oncotarget. 2018

T Passat ,Y Touchefeu, N Gervois , A Jarry, C Bossard , J Bennouna . [Physiopathological mechanisms of immune-related adverse events induced by anti-CTLA-4, anti-PD-1 and anti-PD-L1 antibodies in cancer treatment]. Bull Cancer. 2018

S Simon, Wu Z, J Cruard, V Vignard , A Fortun, A Khammari, B Dreno, F Lang, SJ Rulli, N Labarriere. TCR Analyses of Two Vast and Shared Melanoma Antigen-Specific T Cell Repertoires: Common and Specific Features. Front Immunol. 2018

C Le Stunff, AL Castell, N Todd, C Mille,MP Belot, N Frament, S Brailly-Tabard, A Benachi, D Fradin,P Bougnères. Fetal growth is associated with the CpG methylation of the P2 promoter of the IGF1 gene. Clin Epigenetics. 2018

N Jouand, C Bressollette-Bodin,N Gérard,M Giral, P Guérif,A Rodallec, R Oger, T Parrot, M Allard,A Cesbron-Gautier, N Gervois,B Charreau. HCMV triggers frequent and persistent UL40-specific unconventional HLA-E-restricted CD8 T-cell responses with potential autologous and allogeneic peptide recognition. PLoS Pathog. 2018

S Simon, M Charpentier, I Anegon, N Labarriere. Immunotherapies in transplantation and cancer: 22nd NAT meeting/2nd NAT LabEx IGO joint meeting; 1-2 June 2017, Nantes, France. Immunotherapy. 2017